Beginners Guide To Flower Gardening

Learn to Grow and Deliver Beautiful Flowers

Every flower and plant has specific growing needs to enable them to thrive in the soil. Some plants need abundant sunshine, while others need the shelter of shade in a home garden. Growing beautiful flowers is a process of learning about the unique growing needs of each plant and then providing for these needs. With fertile soil, regular water, and attentive care, you can coax flowers and plants to grow in a home garden. Choose flowers you wish to grow, and then learn about their growing needs with information available online or from a gardening center.

Gardens and Gardening in Oxford

Coax a garden in Oxford to bloom beautifully with tips and recommendations included in this resource list.

Resource Links: Ornamental Horticulture Department

Cuyamaca College shares a variety of resource links to assist gardeners with growing ornamentals in a home garden.

Saving Gloxinia Seed

Follow the steps outlined in this lesson to save and utilize gloxinia seeds in a home garden. Using these techniques, you can grow more gloxinia plants.

Gardening Resource List

The Men's Garden Club of Villa Park has published a comprehensive list of gardening resources for people wishing to learn about gardening.

Appreciating a Flower: Delivery Services, Growing Tips, and More

Bill's Garden has compiled many gardening links for novice and experienced gardeners to use during the growing season.

School Garden Resources

Students can utilize the many gardening links included in this resource list to learn about plants, botany, and gardening.

Business and Economy: Flower Delivery Services in New York

Explore florists and other businesses located in this region of the United States.

Classic Dating Screwups and How to Recover From Them: Send Flowers Online

Dating mistakes happen, but you can make amends and apologize. Sending flowers to someone is a perfect way to say you're sorry.

Send Flowers Online: Give Her Some Flowers to Show Her You Care

Flowers are the perfect way to send a message of love to someone special. Mothers are especially partial to floral arrangements for Mother's Day.

Get the Look: A Home Gym Inspired by SoulCycle

Learn how to equip a home gym with some of these suggestions and recommendations from experts.

Flower Delivery Services Create a Beachy Masculine Living Room

Flowers can be a part of masculine decor when you add them correctly. Learn valuable decorating tips from an interior decorator to help you create an inviting masculine room.

A Guide to Flowering and Why Plants Fail to Bloom (PDF)

Explore the steps of flower growth, pollination, and blossoming to troubleshoot possible problems with blooming. Purdue University provides expert assistance with plant blossoming.

Overview of Pollination

View pictures and read a complete description of the pollination process to learn how plants reproduce themselves.

Growing Flowers in Wisconsin

Gardeners living in the state of Wisconsin can learn valuable information about gardening in this climate. Plants have special needs for sun and temperature, which gardeners need to provide for optimal growth.

Seeding the Future of African American Poetry

James Madison University presents information about a poetry conference that occurred in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

Preserving Flowers and Leaves (PDF)

Gardeners wishing to preserve some of the flowers and leaves grown in a home garden have many options. Plant preservation can include both air drying and chemical drying.

Preliminary Guide to the Robert Lee Flowers Records, 1891-1968

Explore the life and career of Robert Lee Flowers, who was born in 1870. Flowers was a professor at Duke University.

Flowers and Cards

Learn about the University of Maryland Medical Center's policies about gifts and cards for patients. The cancer center and intensive care unit do not allow live flower gifts for patients to reduce the risk of infection.

Faculty Profile for Woodie Flowers, Ph.D

Woodie Flowers is a faculty member at the Olin College of Engineering. Explore his credentials and career history with information provided on this Web page.

About This Artwork

The Art Institute of Chicago shares an overview of a painting called "Red Hills with Flowers," created by Georgia O'Keeffe.

Controlling Animal Pests in the Flower Garden

A professor with the University of Vermont Extension shares tips and recommendations for protecting a flower garden from intrusive pests.

Exploding Dogwood Flowers

Watch time-lapse photography that shows a dogwood flower exploding. This natural explosion is part of the process of pollination for this type of flower.

Celeste Flowers

Learn about the professional credentials of Celeste Flowers, a faculty member with the University of Central Arkansas.